First Listen: Songstress Ife "Aims to Please"

"Music to me is like the oxygen I breathe - essential!" claims Ife (pronounced e-faye), and it was clear that from an early age that Ife's life path would see her have a career in music.  The Seattle-born singer has been a rising artist with a sound all her own. "My style is really a reflection of my influences, which are a blend of soul and pop from around the world. But, what I want to do is bring back the feel good nature and quality of soul music, but still give it a mass appeal."

We really like Ife's new self-titled release and especially dig the sexy opening track, "Aim To Please." It is our newest First Listen, so you all can dig it too. Check it out below and tell us what you think.

Ife - "Aim to Please"

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