First Listen: Javon Inman sings to a "Beautiful Girl"

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    Ohio-born, Maryland raised singer Javon Inman knows something about songwriting. He's written over 200 songs since his teenage days on Star Search. And he's now written a song that should appeal to lovers in the Valentine's month of February.

    Says Javon: "It's the greatest song that I've ever written because it's just very honest and straight from my heart. 'Beautiful Girl' celebrates virtuous women, honors marriage and the importance of wooing your wife after the wedding and honeymoon is over. The song was birthed at a time where my wife and I were playing the balancing act of life with busy schedules and our relationship was suffering. God reminded us that we had to get back to "us" and it was the date-nights that breathed fresh fire into our marriage. It is my prayer that 'Beautiful Girl' inspires random acts of love, rekindle passionate marital bliss, and countless date-nights."

    Sounds like a worthy mission for a very nice song. Check out Javon Inman below and tell us what you think of "Beautiful Girl"

    Javon Inman - "Beautiful Girl" 


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