SoulTracks First Listen: Jules Rendell dreams of "One Day"

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    We're liking the poetic, soulful sounds of new London-based singer Jules Rendell. Her debut album, The Lotus Bloom, is out and shows she's an intelligent, diverse artist who has something to say. We're especially digging her song, "One Day," our newest SoulTracks First Listen.
    Says Jules: "I was commissioned to write 'One Day' to accompany the blogs of an ecologist who was travelling through Asia investigating the ecosystems of the most culturally rich and heavily populated regions of the earth. Being a songwriter who is accustomed to writing about love and not the environment, it got me thinking that we are in a love affair with the earth. In any lop-sided dysfunctional relationship, inevitably, there is always one side that has faith that the other will change. The earth gives us everything it is - it’s peace, it’s beauty, it’s resources. Sometimes we appreciate these things, but most of the time we take it for granted. We may do our recycling and offset our carbon footprint, but really think nothing of our plane journeys to the States or driving to work on Monday morning. So, I wrote this song as a way to comfort the earth.. that hopefully one day we would change and become the lover it's always longed for."
    Check out "One Day" and tell us what you think of Jules Rendell!
    Jules Rendell - "One Day"
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