First Listen: Ju’Not Wants To Make A “Little You and Me”

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    Simple is always in vogue. Clean melodies that can be easily slow danced to hip to hip can always expect a welcome mat and an open door. A self-proclaimed “serial genre-hopping” soul-pop singer, Ju’not here delivers a creamy bit of old school R&B that could have come right out of the ‘80s or ‘90s annals of primo ballads. Doo-wop harmonies creamily support the American Idol Season 8 singer’s warm second tenor-baritone in a tune that’s meant for all those naysayers who say today’s young folks don’t know nothing about romantic crooning. Fresh off of his EP, The Indigochild Vol. 1, this little ditty of a single of literal baby making music should inspire you to check the rest of this talented one’s project out.


    By L. Michael Gipson


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