First Listen: Kevin Jenkins knows "What Comes Around" goes around

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    From Tokyo's Budokan to London's famous Albert Hall to NYC's Madison Square Garden, bassist Kevin Jenkins has played them all. Whether playing for tens of thousands in a huge arena with a big band or for just a few folks in a quiet café with a trio, Kevin is known for his amazing ability to harmoniously negotiate rhythm and melody flawlessly and in any format ? rock, folk, blues, fusion.

    And after years working with a wide range of musical stars, Kevin has finally created his debut album, Step Inside. It's a tasty selection of acoustic soul that we think SoulTrackers will like, and we debut it here with our newest First Listen, Kevin's "What Comes Around." As Kevin describes the song: 
    "My feeling about the song is it represents an optimistic view of the future as well as a healthy respect for the wisdom of the past as in 'you reap what you sow'. It's an invitation into the awareness that we are all connected."

    Check out "What Comes Around" and tell us what you think!



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