Soultracks First Listen: Kuya "Stay Here"

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    The word Kuya, meaning older brother in the filipino language, was chosen as the name for the group for a very specific reason - Kuya consists of a set of brothers, Sammy and Bobby (born and raised in Toronto), along with Johann and Jayson, who hail from Montreal.
    The group was first introduced to the world in early 2003 with their  VIDEOFACT funded video "Southern Girl" which was was featured on MuchVibe, and gained enough viewership to be certified "Vibe-Rated". The group took a hiatus due to personal life decisions. 
    Sammy writes "My mom died of cancer 2 years ago. My brother and I cared for her right to the very end. It was a tough time for our family. We had to take it one day at a time. Right to her last breath. We know she's now in a better place.

    When I wrote this song I was reflecting on that time and what really matters most in life. I thought about my wife. My family. My friends and my dreams. I thought about Kuya and our music and how much my mom wanted us to sing again. So here we are with this new single. This song is a reminder of how short life really is. Our message is do what you love and surround yourself with the people and things that matter the most. Stay here." 

    "Stay Here" is our newest SoulTracks First Listen. Check it out below and tell us what you think!
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