First Listen: Oscah "but the reality"

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    Young singer Oscah has a classic soul sound that is tough to ignore. Singing over sparse organ and drum arrangements, his sound harkens back to classic Chicago or Memphis. And that sound comes through loud and clear on the soulful ballad, "But the Reality."
    Says Oscah, "Sometimes you just can't get around reality, you just have to suffer and wait for love to come around again.' but the reality'” is a tormented song written and recorded in one day by Oscah, under the influence of a broken man. The pleas in the lyrics, the vocal arrangement, and production give a reminisces of the 80’s soul/funk band The Time song 'Girl. I really lost myself in the song and even cried between takes. I didn't want anyone to see me like that. That's real emotion if you can handle it, I mean deep soul stirring pain I poured out on that record. That's rare." 
    Check out Oscah's music, with the very nice cut, "but the reality." It is our newest SoulTracks First Listen. And then let us know what you think.
     Oscah - "but the reality"
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