First Listen: We can feel Sandra St. Victor's "Presence"

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     Sandra St. Victor is one of the most revered vocalists among real singers of soul music. "Sandra St. Victor is one of those artists who is admired by other artists--she's that good,” states Shanachie Entertainment General Manager Randall Grass. “She has an ability to move from Soul to Funk to Jazz to multicultural contexts and holds it all together with a spirit that can't be denied. I think her new album is the best work of her career and will be one of the most impressive releases of 2013."
    Oya’s Daughter is produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe and mixed by producer/mixologist Ty Macklin. “I've always sang my life in my songs. These most recent years, in relative silence, I've raised two beautiful daughters. This time was for me more creative observation at life and my place in it as an artist,” shares St.Victor. On Oya's Daughter, these new stories and songs reflect this new sight. The singer and songwriter confesses, “Lyrically, I'm more blunt and still positive. I'm less concerned with opinions, more protective of my own preferences and realities.” “Why Oya?” explains St. Victor, “Oya is the Orisha of change, storms. She is the owner of the winds. Wind is symbolic of the power of thought. My daily movement asks Oya to lift the words of my songs into the breeze, on the air.”
    We're giving SoulTrackers a sneak peek at what should be one of the year's memorable albums. And we're just loving the newest song leaked from the album, the sly, bluesy ballad, "Presence." What do you think?

    Sandra St. Victor - "Presence"

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