First Listen: Timmy Thomas reinterprets his "Why Can't We Live Together"

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    It's been years since most SoulTrackers have heard from Timmy Thomas, the singer best known for his #1 hit, "Why Can't We Live Together." But he's back with a reinterpretation at a time he feels its message needs to be heard again.

    As told to us by executive producer, Stephen Tucker: "Timmy has been wanting to pass on the baton to an up and coming artist for several years, but none of the younger artists understood his message. So through trials and tribulations I was contacted by a UK producer in January 2013 and we released a track "Sweet Heaven" in May 2013 and it reach #8 on the UK soul charts top 30. During this process we realized that Timmy was a legend and the fans wanted him. We searched very hard to find a producer that could "get it" to produce a sound for 2014 but keep Timmy's original message and more because this world needs this message of peace and love more than ever. His original song helped to bring down Apartheid, and we now hope that we can bring peace to the world."

    Now that's a message we can all adopt. Check out the new version of "Why Can't We Live Together" below and tell us what you think.

    Produced by Oba Frank Lords, vocals Timmy Thomas and Oba Frank Lords, Executive Producers Frank Levy, Stephen Tucker and Saul Alvarez 
    "Why Can't We Live Together"
    Timmy Thomas and Oba' Frank Lord
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