First Listen: Whitney McClain won't let Santa "Cry This Christmas"

(November 29, 2018) The Christmas break up song is as much of a holiday musical tradition as the Christmas love song. There are such classics as “Blue Christmas,” “Please Come Home For Christmas” and “What Do the Lonely Do at Christmas.” Those find the protagonist either longing for the love who chose this inopportune time to be absent from their presence or pining for their return.

Whitney McClain flips the script on the Christmas break up song with tune and video “Santa Don’t Cry This Christmas,” a tune where she breaks up with the one individual that everyone wants to receive a visit from on Dec. 25: Santa Claus. The track sports that 1960s Girl Group arrangement that might remind some of another holiday classic, Carla Thomas’ “Gee Wiz, It’s Christmas.” However this track and video find McClain sitting on a chase lounge and penning a  letter Jolly St. Nick that informs him that she’s ‘decided to put the Christ back in Christmas.  And in the ultimate happy ending, Santa lets her know that he’s good with that.

McClain says, I really like this song because it’s different from a regular Christmas song. ‘Santa Don’t Cry This Christmas’ has a unique message. It’s a record about me coming to Jesus, and asking Santa not to be sad that I’m celebrating The Lord on Christmas instead of him. I feel like this song could also translate into more of a love song, too, for other people, even if they aren’t believers.”

Check out the song and video here.

By Howard Dukes

Whitney McClain
"Santa Don't Cry This Christmas"

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