World Premiere First Listen: Will Downing sings of "The Blessing"

Is there anything more romantic as we approach Valentines Day than hearing Will Downing. Well, the one more romantic thing would be to hear new music from Will Downing.  Ever the creative artist, this year Will is creating his musical trilogy, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, three EPs that look at three sides of romantic music. He took the top spot on our charts with Yesterday and he is getting ready to release his Today EP in the next few weeks.

So we're so pleased that Will is premiering his first single from Today, the beautiful "The Blessing," here on SoulTracks as our newest First Listen. Take one listen and you'll be as excited as we are to hear all of Today!

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Will Downing - The Blessing

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Song written by: Will Downing, Chris Davis, Gary Taylor

The Players

Keyboards: Chris “Big Dog” Davis
BASS: Dwayne “Smitty” Smith
Guitar: Randy Bowland
Background Vocals:   Audrey Wheeler Downing, LaJuan Carter-Dent, Will Downing
Produced by: Will Downing for WD PRODUCTIONS INC.  and Chris “Big Dog” Davis for Big Dog Productions

More about Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

How does an artist who rose to prominence “yesterday” stay relevant “today” or for that matter “tomorrow”?  It’s been said that creativity keeps long-term relationships fresh, interesting and exciting.   Recording artist Will Downing obviously believes in applying that same principle to the relationship he’s enjoyed over the years with his many loyal fans.  Ever evolving and unafraid to push the sonic envelope closer to the edge, Downing follows up his 2010 release Lust, Love and Lies “audio novel” concept with an innovative “musical trilogy” entitled Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Music lovers left hungry for something grown and sexy should rejoice over these bite-sized creations.  As the name suggests, the first EP, “Yesterday” (November 15th 2011), was the appetizer, focusing on some of Will Downing’s favorite re-makes or as he refers to them, “interpretations”, of songs of yesterday , delivered seamlessly with both his signature stylings and a deep respect for the original.  

The main course, Today, will arrive around Valentine's Day 2012, and will showcase Will Downing’s well earned status as the Prince of Sophisticated Soul. Dessert gets served in the form of the projected Summer 2012 release of Tomorrow, which will feature Downing venturing slightly outside of the box in which some might expect him to remain.  The first single from Today is entitled "The Blessing," written by Will Downing, Chris" Big Dog" Davis and Gary Taylor. "The  Blessing" is beautiful song about acknowledgement,edification and commitment.  This will be the new wedding song of choice for many couples this year and beyond. 

The musical trilogy Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow represents a rare display of an artist in complete touch with his craft, his audience and the changing times that currently influence both. For the consumer, the uniquely staggered time-release schedule will keep the fresh product coming while offering the experience of focusing more deeply on fewer songs at a reduced cost to acquire. This time around, the anticipated song creations that will serve to complete the trilogy are part of the intrigue and mystique of the release.


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