World Premiere First Look: Adesha says "I Love U I Hate U"

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    We've been following soul singer Adesha for a little bit now, and she is a woman with voice, both sonically and in a literary fashion. Adesha recently issued her single, "I Love U I Hate U," and it has been getting some well deserved shine around the world.

    As Adesha says,

    "I LOVE U I HATE U" is all about what a real committed relationship feels/looks like. It's the war one goes through to become one with another; letting parts of oneself go. Of course when our commitment to someone we love calls us to sacrifice ourselves we are faced with ugly feelings, feelings like hate. We love being committed to that person yet we hate that we have to sacrifice parts of our self. We go through this love/hate relationship not only with our significant others, but our higher power, and even ourselves. The goal is that we let part of our self go so that an even better part of us emerges.

    She captures this message in the brand new video for the single. We're proud to present it as our newest SoulTracks World Premiere First Look. Check it out and tell us what you think!



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