First Look: Avery Sunshine wants you to "Call My Name" in new video

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    SoulTrackers know that we've been loving our Avery Sunshine for a few years now. She won us all over with her brilliant debut album, which won for her a SoulTracks Readers' Choice Award for Best New Artist. 

    Avery is back with a brilliant new album called The Sun Room, and we are absolutely loving it (see our review). She manages to capture the aura of the best of the 1970s while also sounding fully modern. 

    And Avery has now given a visual accompaniment to the album with her new video for the single, "Call My Name." It's another Avery musical gem and a clever video. Check out the brilliant Ms. Sunshine below and then click to Amazon to nab your own copy of The Sun Room!

    Avery Sunshine - "Call My Name"


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