First Look: Ledisi is happy to "Blame You" in new video

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    There has been a slow, steady build up to the seventh Ledisi album release, The Truth, that has been as smart as it has been strategic. Part of it has been the debuting of the Chuck Harmony, Claude Kelly and Ledisi co-written and produced single, “I Blame You,” at the BET annual Black Girl’s Rock special with full choreography and a new look for its star and now the release of the video two months in advance of her Feb 11th release date. The single is already a Top 20 R&B winner, much like its creator. Boasting a slimmer, yet still voluptuous physique, the marketing department at Verve has been directing a lot of attention to the new, more sex kitten styling and branding for Ledisi.

    This video for “I Blame You” by legendary photographer turned director, Derek Blanks, is another step in that direction, with a classic nerd turned sexy swan transformation ending in a highly choreographed black catsuit chair dance ala Janet Jackson. Regardless of the efforts to commercialize Ledisi’s already lovely appearance, what does, has, and will always be the standout is that trumpet-like instrument that needs nothing but one mic and a stage to get and keep our attention. And that’s The Truth

    By L. Michael Gipson


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