First Look: Go “Around The World” with Tortured Soul

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    John-Christian Urich, Ethan White, and Jordan Scannella (who replaced bassist Jason “JKriv” Kriveloff), the men of Tortured Soul, have been one of the hottest acid jazz outfits since the debut of “Might Do Something Wrong” back in 2001. Over the next decade, Tortured Soul has gone on to boast one of the most energetic live shows to be found on the global stage and some of the most licensed musicians in the independent music game, on everything from soaps like All My Children to primetime dramas like A&E’s The Glades. With sold out shows and multiple dance, house, acid jazz, and straight ahead R&B hits like “Special Lady,” “How’s Your Life,” “Home To You,” “In My Fantasy,” “Your Dream Is My Dream,” and “Did You Miss Me,” Tortured Soul’s success is far from tortured. Mixed by Jask, with the 2013 release of their Undercover Remixes: Hidden Gems and Brand New Tracks, Tortured Soul brings this international live band’s journey full circle with this latest hot grease remix of “I Might Do Something Wrong (feat. N’Dea Davenport).” We had to share this renewed fire with you to tide you over until the release of gang’s 2014 EP featuring their lead single, “Dirty.”

    We also wanted to share with you the latest promo clip from the band, spotlighting the fellas’ touring game in just 60 seconds. Check out the crowds in venues, both the huge and the intimate, to see how much love there is for Tortured Soul around the world. Surely, you didn’t think it was just you?

    By L. Michael Gipson


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