First Look: Water Seed wants us to "Show Work and Prove"

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    SoulTrackers have come to know the great funk and soul group Water Seed over the years. And last month we introduced you all to the band's new hit, "Show, Work and Prove" featuring the talented singer/songwriter Dain Harris.  Well, the only thing that could make that song even better was a video, and now we have one.

    Water Seed goes to the very edges of their imagination to bring you an energized performance and a journey of new musical birth. "Show, Work and Prove" is a genre bending dance hit that lingers somewhere between James Brown and Michael Jackson delivered with the flawless cross over execution that has become Water Seed's trade mark. As the group says, "Imagine a world without music. Life without sound. Life without the freedom to express true creativity. Now take that vision, put yourself on a spaceship and bring funk to the world. Space probes, pulse waves, funk generators and a saxophone solo that makes your toes curl are all that's needed to get you out of your seat and dance."

    Check out the video below and tell us what you think! 


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