First Watch: Carolyn Malachi is definitely "All Right"

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    We first discovered Carolyn Malachi back in 2010 when she issued the cool disc, Lions, Tigers & Squaresand we've been waiting every since for more. Well, we're pleased to say the wait is over. Carolyn has a new album called Gold and a new song and video that shows what she's got going - and it's all good. Here's what Carolyn has to say about it:

    ALL RIGHT" was inspired by my grandparents. Their unconditional love is the stuff of legends. Also, this strong a nod to strong women who make everything "ALL RIGHT," each day, in spite of the odds. Life is a balancing act, and love is a strategic partnership. Both require balance to thrive. "ALL RIGHT" restores balance to both forces." - Carolyn Malachi
    We couldn't have said it better. Check out "All Right" below!
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