First Watch: Newcomer Mike De'Cole is "Lost Without You"

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    Mike De'Cole is a new singer with a sense of history. He claims Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson and Otis Redding among his influences, and especially hopes to bring the clever, respectful lyricism of Smokey forward to the 21st century.

    He describes his first single, "Lost Without You" this way: "Lost Without you is the first song off my soon to be released EP, So It Was Written. Like every artist that writes about their true life stories of love and lost, So It Was Written is about my personal story and what I've learned. Today's relationships are so easily processed without real connections because everyone meets online via Facebook, Twitter and dating sites; even the breakups are done Via text. So with this project I wanted to remember when I used to write a letter and mail it to that special someone and, with that in mind, the concept of the project was so vivid to me. Before there was email, before there was text, Love was expressed with a pen, pad and the words from your heart.  So It Was Written."

    Well, we're all for that, and all for the nice video of the single that Mike has just released. Check out our newest SoulTracks First Watch: Mike De'Cole's "Lost Without You."

    Mike De'Cole - "Lost Without You"


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