World Premiere First Watch: SuCh is sweet as a "Sugar Maple"

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    American Idol Season 11 contestant Su Charles (better known as SuCh) is a singer with attitude, and she showed it on debut album, Stretch Marks. 

    We featured her song "Robbed" last year and she now has a brand new video that we think SoulTrackers wil like a lot, in which Su co-stars with James Wesley. The video was directed by Damon Jamal. As SuCh says about her new song, "Sugar Maple",  “Close your eyes, open your mind and ears and feel the breeze. It's just you and your boo in your favorite place on earth in this buttery smooth summer jam."
    We couldn't have described it better ourselves. Check out the World Premiere First Watch for "Sugar Maple" below and tell us what you think.

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