Freddie Lee

Freddie Lee

Official Biography (courtesy of Freddie Lee) 

Experiencing an education from the school of hard knocks literally from birth, Freddie Lee "brings the pain" like Method Man via his penetrating and quivering voice.  Freddie discovered his gift surprisingly aged 8, when he was greeted by rapturous family applause as he emerged singing from behind a closed toilet door.  It now bellows like an out of control hurricane powering through an unsuspecting location and at times possesses gruffness like one of his influences Teddy Pendergrass.  Yet he has the boyish baby face charms and look of a young Richard Dimplesfield.

His music and messages are deep like the southern region of USA's Pahokee Florida that he hails from, and is refreshing like cool lemonade amongst the custom made manufactured Nu Sick (Music) in the market place presently.  Freddie without his biological father saw his mother struggle and juggle a few jobs and four other siblings and received good gospel and church guidance from his grandmother.  However he did manage to stray off the righteous path temporarily, fortunately for him but unlucky for some of his high school friends, he witnessed them dying violently like a scene from the Boys In The Hood movie.  This became a reality check hence he rejoined the correct path taking on the ethos of being responsible for his actions.  He embraced the creator to guide him spiritually and music became his fatuous way of escapism.

He later studied at Florida Memorial University and acknowledges his mentor the late Professor Roosevelt Williams in schooling him to appreciate the art and beauty of singing and to respect that precious gift from god (his voice).  Having performed in the University choir and eventually graduating with degrees in Business Management, Airway Science, Sociology and Education, Freddie worked as a teacher before he embarked on his singing vocation travelling abroad to perform with the group Aces.

Touring Europe and aspiring to emulate the success and talent of the Temptations, Freddie and the Aces worked various venues in Spain, Holland, Germany, Russia, Italy and England.  He later regrettably, though through band loyalty declined an offer to join the legendary Philadelphia based Gamble & Huff camp, whose rep had flown out and approached him.

Unfortunately like a Teddy (Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes) classic, "Bad Luck" almost broke the spirit of Freddie in 2002 when a close colleague embezzled $175,000 from the company accounts.  Homeless, destitute, sleeping in his car and showering in rest areas; he sought solace from his most trusted mentor God, after his so called friends dismissed his circumstances like he was their enemy.  Too proud to beg Freddie managed to sift out a few good people who gave him the opportunity to work and earn his self respect and a living in order to get back on his feet.

Through a choice meeting with Urban Essential maestro DJ Bigger Freddie's material was circulated and eventually he teamed up with the 5am Production crew famed for their work with Usher, Justin Timberlake and Lemar.  5am steered Freddie's music into the direction it now lives which is now making more waves than a Mexican globally, with its clever interpolations and real social conscious song writing elements on various music networks, outlets and forums.

Humble in dealing with his misfortunes and grateful for his opportunities, he continues in performing his trademark tribute shows.  But it's now time to get ready for Freddie like we did for Teddy.  Listen to the chronicles of his journey with clarity and an untamed passion on cuts like "Great I Am", "Waiting For Me" and the impressive title album cut "Beyond Comprehension" as he casts "God's spell" through the Gospel.  And like a famous Gamble & Huff O Jay's classic we get to hear...the message is in the music.

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