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Official Biography  (courtesy of Funkatized)

Multiinstrumentalists DeeGee and EnBee met backstage over a beer. It was after a combined gig of their two bands in a Berlin juke joint in the hard winter of 1994. They decided to team up and soon got enganged in various projects. They played together in bands, gigged and developed their musical vocabulary and their production skills. First airplays on radio and TV followed, as well as releases of tracks on CD, Compilations with Sonoton and Rosenklag/EDEL: "Chill Out Volume 2", "Chill House", "Fast Beats", "Mega Dance 2000 Volume 2" and "The Sound Of Acid Jazz". After enganging in different solo projects, DeeGee and EnBee reunited in march 2007 for their new project "Funkatized" - the perfect sequel of the musical concept they had developed in 2000.

In April 2008 they released their long awaited debut album "Funkatized" - to be checked out in all established online shops.

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