Gabriel Tajeu

Gabriel Tajeu

Official biography (courtesy of Gabriel Tajeu)

I was raised listening to all types of music from Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, to Michael Jackson and Van Morrison. During my teenage years, I started to listen to more modern R&B, anything from Maxwell and D’angelo to Brian McKnight. The way I sing, the phrases I hear, and the types of chord changes and structure that I hear are influenced heavily by modern R&B.  However, it is music that I found late in college and recently like Ben Harper, Ryan Adams, Van Hunt, Joni Mitchell, John Mayer, and Elvis Costello that I believe has had the most profound impact on how I approach my music today. The way they write music, their lyrical sensibility, rock and roll affect, and sometimes unpredictable song structure is something that I am trying to incorporate into my music and aspire to as a songwriter. I currently describe my sound as R&B Folk Rock.  I hope you enjoy!!

Available Music

Choice Cut - Gary Palmer - "Let's Ride"
Song of the Month - Acantha Lang - "Lois Lang"
Album of the Month - Will Downing - "The Song Garden"
Choice Cut - Will Preston - "Never Knew Love"

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