Gedeon Luke

Gedeon Luke

    Official Biography (courtesy of Gedeon Luke)

    Perfect Ain’t Perfect, and that’s alright by me.”

    Those who know him describe him as an old soul.  Charming, wise, and passionate, Gedeon Luke is a serious young man on a mission.  Inspired by the Gospel infused sounds that spearheaded a cultural movement (Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green, Ike and Tina Turner),  Gedeon’s aim is to bring back music with no boundaries. Love, Peace, and Soul for all. 

    Gedeon is no stranger to life’s hardships.  In his 23 years he has seen it all.  “I grew up in the projects in Memphis, Tennessee... literally on the streets where I was surrounded by gang violence and drug abuse.  It deeply affected my family and our ability to think.”  Music and faith were two things that were always available in his household.  Through them, Gedeon found refuge and transcendence. 

    In late 2008 Gedeon was introduced to writer/producer Marc Swersky (Joe Cocker, Roger Daltrey). They immediately struck up a kinship and went to work with one purpose - share Love, Peace, and Soul.   After writing and recording dozens of songs over a two year period, Gedeon began touring the Tri-state area honing in further on his message.  Audiences were captivated with the Mayfield like, “Soul Child” and his personal shout out for togetherness, “Standing On Top Of the World”.  Songs like these would later stamp the shape and sound of his message.

    In January of 2012, Gedeon set out to make the record he always wanted.  With Marc producing and a few reels of 2” tape, they cut the record over a four day period at MSR Studios, NYC.  He and his band, Rebelife, along with featured musicians Jack Daley (Lenny Kravitz), James Poyser (The Roots), and Bobby Sparks (Prince), fostered a sound that was live and raw - unafraid of imperfection.  It defies the trend of the moment.  It takes the listener on an emotional journey, breaking free from the barriers of modern day music.  You won’t find a two minute song on this record.  In fact, you won’t even find one at three.  

    The upcoming album features the aforementioned songs along with tracks like the Motown meets Sly, “Lend Me Your Sunshine”, the psychedelic spiritual anthem,Die Goodbye”, and the earnest serenade, “The Hurting Kind”.  Gedeon has created his lane tipping his hat to his mentors, all the while keeping his eye on the future.

    Perfect Ain’t Perfect ep is available on iTunes for immediate download.

    Look out for Gedeon Luke full length debut in 2013!

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