Gemma Genazzano

Gemma Genazzano

    Official Biography (courtesy of Gemma Genazzano) 

    When soulful grooves and smooth, sexy Spanish lyrics combine it has an irresistible effect on the ear. This is indeed the case when you hit play and journey through Si Me Quieres/If You Love Me, the highly-anticipated recording from Gemma Genazzano. This beautiful woman beckons the listener to journey with her through songs of love, sensuality, and romance. As her seductive vocals float with ease over the band one cannot help but feel that Gemma Genazzano is very comfortable exploring her passions. Her band plays soulfully with her, grooving intensely and steady as she sings her lyrics so sweetly as though we are lying right there beside her. Just check out the first track, "Enamorada," in case you need convincing.

    Background vocals soar, strings intoxicate and horns accentuate while making you feel as though you've been transported back to a ‘70s Black movie soundtrack. The beauty of Gemma's recording is that the music and her voice sound completely natural together. This is due in part to producer Marlon Saunders, whose work has been rooted in the soul scene since his days with jazz/soul group Jazzhole. Saunders, whose own recordings, Enter My Mind and A Groove So Deep:The Live Sessionshave had critical acclaim has also been on the scene touring and recording as a vocalist with such artists as Sting, Bobby McFerrin, Shania Twain, Nine Inch Nails and even an appearance in the recent Disney film, Enchanted. Clearly, Gemma is in good hands!

    GemmaGenazzano, who lives between Barcelona and New York, has been captivating audiences with her irresistible rhythms, exotic melodies, and sensual lyrics from the festivals of Europe to New York's Blue Note and Madison Square Garden. She is the daughter of late Italian actor, Oswaldo Genazzano and the granddaughter of the Italian actress Gemma Genazzano who worked with the legendary Federico Fellini.

    At an early age, Gemma was drawn to jazz and gospel music and loved the classic American films she saw on television. She would sit for hours listening and dreaming of some day performing on stage for huge audiences. While studying piano at the Liceu Conservatory, Gemma was constantly searching for new sounds and ways to express her music. Gemma left her classical studies behind and began singing jazz and performing at clubs and festivals throughout Spain. Gemma later earned a scholarship to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where she first met Marlon Saunders.After moving to New York, she reconnected with Saunders and began writing with him and guitarist/songwriter Greg Dayton. Searching for a unique sound for this fiery artist, Saunders spent more than nine months writing and creating tracks with Gemma and Greg that would later become Si Me Quieres/If You Love Me.