Gina Hadley

Gina Hadley

    Official Biography (courtesy of Gina Hadley)

    If you’re scanning the rows at a local store looking for the next cookie cutter pop act, move along. If you’re only interested in the latest synchronized dance composition set to repetitious electronic beats, keep looking. But if you’re ready for an authentic, original musical experience from one of the best rising stars in the music business, drop your iPod and crank up your speakers. Atlanta, Georgia’s Gina Hadley is turning heads and raising eyebrows everywhere she goes with an infectious blend of sassy attitude and alluring, sultry musical intelligence.

    The appropriately dubbed “Rock n’ Soul Diva” began her musical journey at the ripe young age of nine-years-old as she was awarded Best Female Singer honors at the Myrtle Grove Gifted Center. Her natural vocal talent paired incredibly with her vast and intimate interest in poetry, which spawned pages upon pages of thoughtful prose that eventually translated into the songs Hadley performs today. 

    After a number of performances throughout the local Atlanta area and nearly endless songwriting sessions, Hadley drosp her debut record, Slave to Love. Featuring thirteen tracks of rebellious, entrancing music, fans of everything from soul to alternative rock should find solace within her relatable lyrics and distinctive style. Hadley also steps up to the forefront on her upcoming LP, showcasing her talents as a versatile songwriter by penning all but one of the tracks on Slave to Love.

    Venues and promoters are also quickly recognizing Hadley’s unmistakable talent and gripping stage presence which renders her a truly one-of-a-kind act.

    “Gina Hadley is one of the most innovative artists of our time. She has a style all her own. Slave to Love weaves gritty passion with romantic betrayal and holds it all together with unforgettable melodies”, said Jason JJ Sylvain, owner of Lion Share Creative. 

    The breakout debut single off Slave to Love, “Rebel” is already infiltrating digital retailers, internet radio, and other locations to aid in the record’s promotion. Hadley’s music video for the track is also currently racking up hits on YouTube, as more hungry fans keep coming back for more to discover Atlanta’s latest musical gem.

    Honest, revealing, and fascinating lyrics unlock the door to Hadley’s life, as she lays everything on the line throughout Slave to Love. With a soulful delivery, passionate music, and a rebellious flair, this is the next album music fans will be synching on their iPod or loading in their car’s CD player.


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