Glenn Leonard

Glenn Leonard

    DC native Glenn Leonard first came to our attention as a Temptation, but later in life helped others fight temptation.

    Leonard was born June 11, 1947, the second oldest of 8 children of Gennie and Pearlie Leonard.  By the time Leonard was a teen he was singing professionally in both DC and North Carolina.  Later he formed a number of singing groups, including Instant Groove, True Reflection and the Chancellors. He was also briefly a member of popular DC group The Unifics ("The Court of Love").

    Following the departure of Damon Harris from the Temptations, Glenn was tapped to become the falsetto lead for the group in 1975, and held that position until 1983.  He stabilized the upper range of the group during one of its most turbulent times, as the act left Motown for Atlantic Records (where Glenn had previously recorded as part of True Reflection) and then through a triumphant return to Motown on the album Power. He was also a member of the Tempts during the brief group "reunion" tour with David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks in 1982.

    While he sang lead on a number of album cuts during his tenure with the group, Leonard's most memorable moments may be as the front man on the minor hit "Ever Ready Love" and on the group's take of the Christmas classic, "Silent Night."

    Leonard departed from the Temptations in 1983, moving to Houston, Texas. He became a born again Christian and entered into full time ministry.  In the early 90s he founded and began pastoring a church, and continues his ministry to this day. In addition, he travels the US leading his own Temptations tribute group, the Temptations Experience.  In 2010 Leonard issued the solo album Then and Now.

    By Chris Rizik

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