Gregg Holsey

Gregg Holsey

    Official Biography (courtesy of Gregg Holsey)

    Gregg Holsey began his musical career when he started playing the bass guitar while in his early teens Growing up in the rich musical environment of Detroit , Michigan put Gregg on the fast track becoming a successful bassist.
    Before he turned eighteen he had developed the skills and talent to perform with many of Detroit 's top recording artists. The experience of working with such dedicated and professional musicians allowed Gregg to further develop his skills as a bassist, songwriter, producer, and vocalist. Gregg's reputation as a professional, dependable, and solid bass player led to his extensive work around the world.

    After relocating to Los Angeles , California in 1990 Greg was offered the bassist/vocalist position in the house band at Gary 's Motown Nightclub in Nagoya , Japan . What began as a three month night club assignment, tranformed into a fifteen year  music career in Asia . Along with extensive touring with Japan 's best artist, a highlight of his career was a performance for the King of Thailand, who is also an accomplished saxophonist. The king requested the inclusion of Gregg's bass grooves as the foundation for six of the tracks on his CD. Following the completion of the CD in Thailand , Gregg took his production expertise to Malaysia where he co-produced a CD for Malaysia 's number 1 singing group, 4you2see. While in Malaysia he also produced commercials for Northwestern Airlines.

    In 2005 Gregg realized he needed the creative inspiration that could only be found back in the States.  First, he moved to Sacremento , California to record and work for  blues vocalist/ guitarist, Mark La mountain. Then he moved back to his hometown of Detroit , Michigan to record his R&B smooth jazz CD, Music For The Soul. While in Detroit Gregg formed his own record label, Komaki Records. He recently released his second CD, Gregg Holsey Can't Stop. In order to support his recent release Gregg has assembled an exceptionally talented 7 piece band featuring some of the hottest musicians in Detroit . Listen out for Gregg Holsey and participate in musical history in the making.

    Available Music

    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"