Official Biography (courtesy of Hadiya)

Hadiya is a young Singer/Songwriter from Chicago. She's a preachers daughter with a long background in music. When she was a teenager she was a part of the Arista group Tha Rayne. Since then she's been writing songs for such artist as Tierra Marie (Sponsor) and Jaheim. Currently Hadiya is working on her first solo album. She has a unique/one of a kind voice, and an old soul with a young energy.

The direction of her first project will be classic hip-hop breaks and drum patterns mixed with timeless sounding melodies and raw/edgy production by Music Life Productions in Atlanta. Her influences include artists from Kanye West to Aretha Franklin to the Clark Sisters.   Hadiya is a unique talent and looks forward to sharing her story with the world. You can check out news, updates, free downloads, and new releases for her at www.musiclifeproductions.com in the future.

Featured Album - Michael Mayo - Bones
Choice Cut - Ascendant feat. Angela Johnson - "It's Not Over"
Song of the Month - Ty Causey feat. Monet Cherise - "U-Turn"
Album of the Month - Derrick "Doc" Pearson - A Family Man

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