Hannah Francis

Hannah Francis

    Official Biography (courtesy of Hannah Francis)

    This elegant poised beauty is on a mission. Her simple wish… Bring back real music! The type of music that makes you want to turn it up too loud and sing out of the window on a Summer’s day. Or equally, ask yourself how one so young can know the pain in your heart as she sings with the voice of an angel.

    London born Hannah Francis is a rare find: R&B soul singer and lyricist. Singing from a very early age, she credits her love of James Brown, Diana Ross & The Marvelettes as her influences. A versatile musician, she has lent her vocals and writing skills to various projects with both unsigned and established artists. Her talent has led her to singing alongside Alexandra Burke, Joss Stone, Lemar, Miss Dynamite and sing backing for Leona Lewis. Hannah’s faith and her strong work ethic stands her in good stead and for the past year Hannah has been honing her writing skills with Marcus Johnson of Ethnic Boyz fame. Together they have created a vision for a sound of the future, NEW ERA SOUL, a fresh new take on RnB soul. It will take you back to the era, when real music had meaning and emotion.

    2011 sees the release of her debut album, MEANS TO AN END,which highlights her classy, yet fiery, delivery NEW ERA SOUL.

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