Heather Park

Heather Park

Mariah Carey has had her moments (she certainly seemed to be having one in 2005), but her popularity has unfortunately spawned a generation of less talented divas attempting to meld their faceless, McProcessed pop with ersatz R&B.  At first blush newcomer Heather Park seems to fit this mold, with her pretty, rather slight voice bouncing over mild pop/hip-hop arrangements and ethereal lyrics.  But fortunately, working with producer/writer/multi-instrumentalist Steve Francis, she has created a number of solid, melodic cuts on her Stush Records debut, Dream In Pictures.  Francis's arrangements are right on, too, giving a crisp backdrop to the mostly mid-tempo material.  I'm not a big fan of the music being put out by the current generation of pop divas, but you could do a lot worse than songs like Park's "Didn't I," "Is What It Is" and the absolutely infectious first single, "The Life."

By Chris Rizik

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