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    "Music to me is like the oxygen I breathe - essential!" claims Ife (pronounced e-faye), and it was clear that from an early age that Ife's life path would see her have a career in music. Born in Seattle , USA , Ife grew up surrounded by music and went on to study musical theatre at school, where she began honing her raw skills by singing and participated in various choirs before going on to study music and voice at university.

    It was during her time at university in Washington , D.C that Ife got her first real taste for the stage, where she was invited to be a back up singer on it's burgeoning music scene with the likes of Amerie, Tank and Raheem DeVaughn. "Being given the opportunity to work with such talented artists was such a blessing and really inspired me to develop my own career in music." The following year found Ife in London during her senior year at university, where she began to focus on developing her songwriting. "I think the culture of London mixed with the cold weather and lots of time spent on the trains traveling throughout the UK inspired me in a different way," she says. "I was always a writer in general, but living and studying in another country is what made my words on paper start to shape into verses and melodies. I felt like the singing and songwriting could really go together."

    In a chance meeting Ife met producer DJ Dodge who loved her work and they subsequently teamed up in the studio to record together to work on her debut EP. "The EP recording process was amazing...I learned so much working with DJ Dodge, and the whole process allowed me to grow as a writer and arranger in my own right. I got to really take time and pick the sounds I wanted and write from my heart." The outcome is ‘Crescendo' a 5-track EP, which provides listeners with a taste of the chanteuse's musical offerings. Reflecting on the EP's sound; Ife proclaims; "My style is really a reflection of my influences, which are a blend of soul and pop from around the world. But, what I want to do is bring back the feel good nature and quality of soul music, but still give it a mass appeal." Labelled soul-pop, Ife explains how hard it can be fusing the genres together and not leaning to heavily on one particular genre. "Like the perfect recipe for your favourite dish, I have to make sure I have the right mix with my music so that people enjoy the end product, otherwise it will go to waste."

    With comparisons of a young Sade meets Lena Horne, Ife is an enthralling singer/ songwriter with a unique sound and style all her own. Currently splitting her time between London and Los Angeles Ife can be seen performing at venues around the UK and US with her live band. Whether it's an unplugged acoustic set, or a full 8-piece accompaniment, her sultry and engaging stage show is always captivating and sonically engaging, making her one of 2010's artists to watch.

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    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"