• (August 23, 2019) Anytime I hear Miles Davis anywhere, I’m going to stop for a second and listen. So, when drummer Tyrone Hendrix, who is from...

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  • PJ Morton - Paul

    Paul. The name is soft to the tongue but hits the air with a resonating roundness and weight. It’s a fitting...

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  • (August 21, 2019) Long before we at SoulTracks came to the realization that the Rose City of Portland, Or. had a hot soul music scene – long before there was such a...

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  • (August 20, 2019) O’Bryan rose from humble beginnings in the greater Jacksonville area of North Carolina during the early 1980s to become one of the...

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SoulTracks "Fresh Soul" Playlist

Soul Music Birthdays


August 24

Mason Williams (1938)

August 25

Matt Aitken (1956)
Matt Aitken (1956)
Wayne Shorter of the Crusaders (1933)

August 26

Branford Marsalis (1960)