jai Moi

jai Moi

Official Biography (courtesy of jai Moi)

jai Moi has been honing her skills since the first moment she opened her mouth to sing her first song to the first time she held pen to write her first poem.  The arts is more than a second language to jai; it has become a part of her that is inseparable.

A country girl at heart, loving music was one of her very first memories.  Young jai would sing on her steps to crop fields, her dolls, and her drawings.  At the age of four when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she first and foremost responded, "a singer."  She knew her destiny from the beginning and time would prove her right.

As a multi-threat artist that embraces her uniqueness, jai takes music theory/history classes, directs, writes, and has several film projects in various stages of development at this time. Her first CD, “Vocally Yours” is a favorite among listeners internationally.

With a skill set that encompasses the arts of music, photography, film, and modeling, jai continues to perfect her craft. The spirit of young jai lives on in jai Moi as she reaches for a bigger stage literally and figuratively.

Her new single “Alright,” was released 9.17.2013. It’s just a teaser for what is to come on her upcoming CD, “180 Degrees” due for release in 2014.

Join jai's journey by venturing through the pages of jaiMoi.com for updates on past and upcoming projects and it will also give you more personal insight of the woman behind her vision.

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