James Knight and the Butlers

James Knight and the Butlers

Miami-born singer/songwriter James Knight began performing as a child, singing and playing drums and later guitar, but his biggest fame came as the lead singer for the short-lived 70s soul/funk band, James Knight and the Butlers. Consisting of James Knight (songwriter/lead vocalist/ founder), Napoleon "cool" Williams (bass guitar), Roscoe Rice (drums), Ernest "snuff" Stewart (piano/ organ), Robert "flea" Johnson (trombone), Foster Newberry (trumpet), and Dwight "Hound" Jones (saxophone/ arrangement), Other group members were: Ernest "tim" Bethune (saxophone), Kenneth L. Washington (congo's),  Robert "blind" Jackson (drums), Ronnie Walker (saxophone), Jimmy 'jj' Jenkins (bass guitar), Greg Daniels (piano/ organ) and Gary Jones (trumpet), the band had a solid Southern Soul that was influenced by James Brown and fit in well with the transition that was going on in music in the early 70s. 

James Knight and the Butlers found some success performing, often as opening act for a number of the major acts of that day, including Joe Tex, the Chambers Brothers and others. The group's work can be found on their one known release, Black Knight, which included the regional hit, "Save Me."

By Chris Rizik

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