Jeffrey Daniel

Jeffrey Daniel

    Official Biography (courtesy of Jeffrey Daniel)

    Jeffrey Daniel first came into the spotlight as a dancer on the US TV show Soul Train. From Soul Train evolved Shalamar - a band that sold 25 million albums world-wide with hit records such as "A Night to Remember", "Friends" and "There it is". With Shalamar he introduced West Coast Street Dance into Europe and started a huge dance craze - body popping, robotics, locking and whacking with his amazing skills as a dancer. After 7 years, millions of album sales and tours around the world, Shalamar performed at London's Wembley Arena and the original line-up then went their separate ways.

    Jeffrey took on the role of 'Electra' in Andrew Lloyd Webber's new West End musical 'Starlight Express' and linked up with Michael Jackson to rack up some dance and choreography credits.

    JD is the man that taught Michael Jackson the Moonwalk and later went on to choreograph "Bad" and co-choreograph "Smooth Criminal."

    Jeffrey released the album Skinny Boy in 1990 (Solar Records) which featured the singles "She's the Girl" and "I'll be Around." In the mid nineties Jeffrey set up home in Japan and continued working with Michael Jackson - he was creative consultant on the video "Ghost" and a consultant for Michael's record company MJJ Productions.

    In the mid-90s, Babyface reunited Jeffrey, Howard and Jody for his version of their hit single 'For The Lover in You.' Shalamar followed this success with two UK Arena tours in 1999 and 2003, and then in 2005 performed on the TV show 'Hit Me Baby one more time' with Jeffrey Daniel, Howard Hewett and new singer Carolyn Griffey (daughter of Shalamar founder Dick Griffey the CEO of SOLAR records).

    In 2007 Jeffrey Daniel is bringing together all of his unique individual talents and launching a solo career that will see him perform as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and West Coast dance icon. Jeffrey Daniel will be touring in the autumn to promote the album release.

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