Jimmie Reign

Jimmie Reign

Official Biography (courtesy of Jimmy Reign) 

"I have issues" JIMMIE REIGN states, "just like the rest of the world has issues. My catharsis is translating all the negative and positive energy from my life into music that people love and can feel."

Just looking at the beautiful songstress, you would think she's had it made. She's gorgeous and talented. But dig deep below the beautiful exterior and you will find that JIMMIE REIGN is not just a pretty face.

"The First Lady of the Bay" grew up all over the San Francisco Bay Area in a loving two parent home with her three sisters. The girls father, a church preacher, taught them all how to sing and harmonize with one another. JIMMIE, the oldest sibling, was "Daddy's Little Girl" so her world was shattered when her parents divorced. The three young girls were shuttled in between both parents for years as other familial issues ran rampant.

"Things in my life changed so drastically," divulges the siren, "I was forced to grow up quickly because of new responsibilities. Consequently, I didn't really have a childhood and a lot of my songs reflect things that have happened during that time."

JIMMIE found solace in music. Since the age of 14 she has worked with producer Brian Morgan (SWV), songwriter and recording artist J.Valentine (J Records), producer Paul Anthony of Full Force (Backstreet Boys), and Capitol Records recording artist Clyde Carson . Currently her singles "Make You Wait", "Tryin' To Be Your Girl" and "Superstar" are receiving radio airplay on 106 KMEL, WILD 94.9, KBMB, KSFM, KVEG and the Sirius Radio Network. She has shared the stage with Keyshia Cole, Jagged Edge, Latoya London, & Chico Debarge. Her face and name are now forever polarized in the pages of Right ON!, Stash, D101 (UK) Hood Magazine & the East Bay Express, while her cameo in J.Valentine's video "She Worth The Trouble" marked her major television debut.

JIMMIE's career success and life experiences left her life in a constant struggle between a grown woman with responsibilities and the eternal "Daddy's Little Girl." This chronic imbalance has shaped her music into something that appeals to the masses. Songs from her mixtape "Go Girl," sponsored by 106 KMEL, Singersroom.com and Right ON! Magazine, reflect melodies and music that adults can feel while infusing lyrics and themes that young people identify with. She effortlessly bridges the gap between Nu-Soul and Commercial R&B and accomplished the impossible task of gaining fans of both genres. With musical topics that tackle real issues such as single motherhood, broken home resentment, and poor self image, JIMMIE further places herself in the realm of platinum soul singers Mary J. Blige and Keyshia Cole whose die-hard fans love their realness.

"When people see me, they don't expect me to sing about the topics I do or be as real as I am. They think I am a woman who has everything going for her but really it's not that easy. I have the same troubles with relationships that the next woman has, I have a family to take care of and I've got haters just like everyone else," JIMMIE states. "The difference is that I am learning to put a positive spin on everything negative. I am learning to control my temper when negativity arises, and I am also learning that it's ok to be by myself- I don't need to be in a relationship in order to define who I am. I am finding that balance between being a grown woman and being "Daddy's Little Girl".

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