Joy Jones

Joy Jones

    Official Biography (courtesy of Giant Step)

    For singer-songwriter Joy Jones, a musical soundtrack has been present throughout her life journey - she "can't imagine life without music and colour". As a kid, Joy was exposed to an array of different styles of music ranging from gospel, soca, classical, African choral music, soul and jazz - and this, along with inspirational places and events, all helped prompt Joy Jones to put her heart and soul into music.

    For the Future Soul Records label, Joy Jones is presenting fans with a thought-provoking album, which covers some meaningful themes and a mixture of sound styles...

    Growing up, Joy Jones sang in church and later nurtured an interest in spoken word and song writing. After graduating, she moved to London and was moved by the fact so many people were making a living from their creativity.

    Today's life in LA also offers inspiration to Joy who sees the city as "a city of possibility, an alchemist's paradise of sorts, filled with people who arrive with nothing but dreams and hope; many of which are able to make something of themselves and leave their cultural imprint. I appreciate that about where I live, as well as the fact that so many things are accessible here." However, many other places have also had an effect on Joy... "I draw most of my inspiration from traveling. I get stir-crazy every three months and I need to go somewhere different! That is where I gain perspective on life and how I fit into the world."

    Working with Daz (bio info here) was important for Joy who met him when living in London a few years back and working with the artist Breis: "Daz believed in me, and encouraged me to really cultivate my craft and create a full project. I highly respect his ear and opinion." In fact, Joy's connection with the Bugz crew is so powerful, she considers herself to be an ‘honorary ladybug'!

    Joy Jones hopes that listeners of her new album will be touched by its messages and themes: "I have spent quite a bit of time thinking about what I want to say and the messages I want to put out. This is a labor of love and I hope that it translates and transforms into a tool for change. This journey to LP has largely been due to divine choreography, fabulous blessings and good folks. I am constantly amazed at the trajectory."

    Afro-beat lullabies, future jazz/soul, protest songs and electronic hymns - expect all of this and more from the Joy Jones album so be prepared to have your ears and mind opened to new experiences!

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