Judith Nicholas

Judith Nicholas

Official Biography (courtesy of Judith Nicholas)

Judith Nicholas Aka (Jude)started performing with her brothers many years ago as a singer/songwriter and they fast developed their own sound. 

Jude and her brothers were managed by top London Producer Adam Mosley, whose past credits was producing the first 'Roxette' album in the 90's, Maxi Priest and various others. 

Jude and her brothers were sought after by many major labels such as, Polydor Records, Motwon Uk, Sony and MCA. 
They worked with many new artists in London, offering their vocal talents and appeared on Marla Glenn's debut album back in the 90's, doing backing which was a great experience. 

Jude's brother moved to Hong Kong and is a DJ and vocalist and songwriter too. 

Jude decided to find a producer in 2011 who finally would understand what she wanted to do musically, and that's when she linked with LA producer Lew Laing, who has worked with such Artists as Mark Allen Fenton, EWF, Teri Tobin and many more, to bring forth this wonderful album titled 'The Real Me'. The Cd will soon be ready for purchase in some stores and on line also. 
The album is a blend of Jazz/Neo Soul and was written by Jude and Lew in the UK and LA. 

Jude is now being managed by Major Moves Music Group llc (Richard Thomas) and will be based in the states, and is currently putting her band together.Helping her with this is the talented Art Weiss who played with James Brown and Chaka Kharn just name a few.

They will be working on putting on live show's around the U.S and will eventually come back to the UK, and Ronnie Scotts will be a stop that Jude is looking at...So watch out for that. 

Please check out her album and watch out for her collaboration with Atlanta based Saxophonist Dee Lucas, who she wrote 2 songs for with Lew Laing and will be on his 5th Cd which comes out this Summer. 

She will be performing with Dee in Atlanta in June at the Velvet Room which will be a showcase for Jude. 

Jude is definitely one of a kind and her songs will take you on a journey,and her vocals are simply beautiful, check out her music.                                                                                                                                                                                                  For bookings and all business matters contact Judith’s management: Richard Thomas, Major Moves Music Group llc. (314) 591-5884

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