K.D. Brosia - Love Is... (2009)

K.D. Brosia
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I'm a sucka for a good "boy group" voice, even when it's sported by a soloist. K.D. Brosia has just enough of that 90s lead voice (a dap of sandpaper timbre and melisma aplenty) to keep my head bobbing, and just enough intelligence to layer singer/producer James Glasco's undeniable backgrounds in three- and four-part harmonies to keep you engaged. The interplay between Brosia's soaring lead and Glasco's pitch-perfect support alone makes Osulande's gorgeously produced "Bye Bye" worth your coins. After a competitive visit by Stokely Williams of Mint Condition on the funky-if a pinch dated-"Love A Woman (Right)," one gets the feeling that Brosia's best work is in collaboration with singers who vocally push him to bring the pain. On "Stressin' Me" and "Love Is," respective producers Craig Cooper and Glaso spare Brosia my recommendation for Brosia to convene a trio or quartet, by proving the singer can be a formidable soloist with the right tune.

The Love Is...EP is just a few more top notch songs from making Brosia a vocal heartthrob, all by himself.  Notable songs: "Love Is," "Bye Bye" and "Love A Woman (Right)."

Vocals: 3 stars  Lyrics: 3 stars   Music: 2.5 stars   Production: 2.5 stars   SoulTracks Call: Recommended

By L. Michael Gipson

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