Kameron Corvet

Kameron Corvet

Official Biography (courtesy of Kameron Corvet)

Progression is a change that breaks some while building others.  Singer/ Songwriter Kameron Corvet has embraced progress and allowed life’s experiences to lead the way.   His most recent set of experiences brings us to the release of Kameron's Deluxe EP Darker Than Gray.  This EP, a follow-up to his 2012 release (F_ck, Love) is a ten-song story chronicling the darker side of the "gray area" between lust and love.   Darker Than Gray explores the downfall of a physical relationship forced into a doomed romance. His listeners are taken from the desire for self-sabotage in "No Love Allowed" and "The Other Side" to the raw honesty of sensual songs like "Remember How" and "Did It For You" to the unbreakable attraction highlighted in "Bad For Me" and "Round Of It".  In addition to production from Corvet himself, the EP features production from Pierre Medor( Usher, Brandy, Mary J. Blidge) and Kennard Garrett(Jesse McCartney, Pussycat Dolls, Sean Garrett) The story is told through a landscape of moving vocals, guitars, drums, and lyrics. Darker Than Gray will be released on March 4th to all digital outlets both domestically and abroad.

So who is Kameron Corvet anyway?  Kameron is the byproduct of a 31-year world wind marriage between his dad, an Attorney/Retired Lt. Colonel in the Airforce(from the South) and an artistically inclined Nurse(from the North).  The contrast of the lives and upbringing of his parents mixed with their eloping after a month of knowing each other set the stage early for Kameron to grow up witnessing the wide range of emotions that a relationship can bring.  Kameron’s a middle child who really came into his musical gifts while living with his grandparents and attending weekly church services where the cast of a Sunday service were family members from the pulpit to the choir/musicians to the church bus driver.  He’s a self-taught guitarist who takes each lyric seriously and credits that to his lifelong study of the French language.  Kameron is a singer at his core who’s grown up with influences that range from a strict classical and gospel origin to his pop, rock and soul influences which came from experiences from different family members. He says “My musical influences came through my different family relationships.  One aunt loved Prince, one uncle loved Maxwell and so on.”  He’s a former football and track standout who bounced between public and private school picking up Radiohead, John Mayer and Kanye along the way.  He’s been tried, tested and formed by both the good and bad of the music industry. He’s a rocker in an RnB body who enjoys the idea of a double life but who’s always been told to choose: Sports or Music, Teaching or Music, Love or Music. “The forming part of every true artist arrives when forced to balance career with love” says Kameron.  And that’s where we find Kameron, free to live in the music while picking up bits of love along the way until it feels right.  He’s an unavoidable secret.  He’s next. Meet Kameron Corvet.

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