Karen A. Clark

Karen A. Clark

    Official Biography (courtesy of Karen A. Clark) 

    What is a singer, songwriter, poet, performer and dancer doing leading the Multicultural business marketing strategies for one of the largest, most healthy banks in the US ? Karen A. Clark is simply living life in its proper perspective; with balance!

    Karen A. Clark, born on Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Dayton , Ohio began measuring her dreams and limits as she saw the world at an early age. Her father, an enlisted officer supported the family by working multiple jobs, which included everything from calling out bingo numbers to singing with the local band. Karen's first live performance experience was in Frankfurt , Germany where she saw Ramsey Lewis .

    Constantly involved in ballet, tap, jazz, poetry, and theater, Karen A's primary plan in life was obvious and unmistakable; she wanted to perform. While never abandoning the pursuit of her lifelong dream, she embarked on what she calls a ‘back up plan', college, which is where she discovered her vocal ability as a singer and her strength as live performer in theater and poetry. Performing with various dance groups, singing with local bands and wowing the crowds through her spoken word defined the measure and limits of Karen's dreams...through the arts.

    After receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from California State University Sacramento, Karen A. soon entered the work force where she played many professional roles, including Mental Health Counseling, Drug Rehabilitation, and a Probation Officer, all before moving to Los Angeles .

    Karen's first audition experience, marriage and the birth of her two children reminded her of how vital her ‘back up plan' was, which immediately led her to meet with a head hunter. Karen landed her first leading role at Wells Fargo Bank in commercial real estate. Following Wells Fargo, she later transitioned to Bank of America, Operation HOPE, and eventually her current post at U.S. Bank.

    While raising the kids with her late husband Finley, whom she met in college after his stint in the Navy, Karen remained steadfast and focused on her first gig; writing and performing! The family formed their own music entertainment vessel, C-Sick Records, with The Karen A. Clark Project as the second album release.

    The Karen A. Clark Project is a musical journey through love, life, career, companionship, sensuality and city life. In the often superficial climate of the music business where claiming to keep it real is frequently revealed as a farce, Karen's lyrical content is relatable.

    "I've discovered my listeners and fan base to be women...women of all ages...for some reason, a lot of young women...corporate women", Karen asserts. "I find that people who really wish they could express themselves artistically...or wish they could live their dream...people like that appreciate and enjoy listening to me...and as an added bonus, men like the sexy content".

    Karen A. Clark, through her music and career is an inspirational model of how life should be lived...with balance.  "...everyone has 24 hours in a day...you do what you want to do...you just make choices..." admits Karen.  Through this belief, Karen is highly reputable as a leader in the banking industry and happily writing, recording and performing her first LP, The Karen A. Clark Project, due for release in early 2010!

    Featured Album - ASCENDANT - Illuminate: Yellow
    Choice Cut - Fred Reed - "Tug Of War"