Karen Bernod

Karen Bernod

    Official Karen Bernod Biography

    (courtesy of Dome Records)

    ‘Life @ 360 Degrees' is a stunning second solo album from one of New York's finest singers Karen Bernod.    Until recently recording and touring the world with Mary J Blige - and having previously performed that role with D'Angelo and Erykah Badu - she gets a chance to step centre stage with this confident, self-composed set.

    Back in the Nineties Karen was featured vocalist with Incognito on three cuts on their ‘No Time Like The Future' album, and was part of the band's live line-up.

    Prior to that, she sang on numerous dance tracks, was writer and vocalist on the Cooltempo club anthem ‘Motherland', sang on Barbara Tucker's ‘Beautiful People', sang background vocals on albums by Whitney, Luther, Stephanie Mills, Paul Simon, the Pet Shop Boys....

    She was also a lead in the off Broadway production of ‘Mama I Want To Sing'.

    In 2000 she released in the US her debut solo album ‘Some Othaness For U', which attracted a lot of critical acclaim and introduced her as an artist in her own right.

    And now, working for the second time with co-producer and co-writer Greg Spooner, she offers the unique Bernod take on life with ‘Life @ 360 Degrees'.

    Karen's jazzy inflections, her inherent soulfulness, her humour, shine through - cuts like ‘Comfort Zone', ‘Subway Love Game', ‘Truth Iz' and ‘Love Is' are outstanding confirmation that soul music is alive and well in New York City.  Karen also goes up-tempo on the final cut for a house remix of ‘Spirit', a song originally featured on her debut set.