Kevin Levar

Kevin Levar

Official Biography (courtesy of Kevin Levar)

Let's Come Together is the title of Kevin LeVar's spirit soaked and eminently anointed sixteen-song national debut via Universal Music Christian Group (HABAKKUK Music/Fontana). It also represents the very fabric for which his music ministry is based. Kevin is not only an abundantly talented singer/songwriter, pianist and producer who has ushered his listeners into unforgettable worship experiences ... with the launch of  "The Forgiveness Campaign" and the unforgettable, soul cleansing single A Heart That Forgives, Kevin LeVar is also issuing a call to the hurt, the lost and the heartbroken to experience healing, understanding, community and God's love and redemption through Jesus Christ.

"I created the Forgiveness Campaign in response to the overwhelming testimonies I have received from those impacted and healed by the message of A Heart That Forgives and also because people are hurting ... Hurting people hurt people ... Hurt is the indirect cause of so many volatile issues that we have today. And it's a short step from hurting to hating and I want to go from hurting to healing ... through forgiveness," Kevin says.

Kevin has been performing A Heart That Forgives nationally and internationally since the end of 2008. From the world renowned Crystal Cathedral in California to a 9/11 commemoration in Washington, DC; from an NBA All Star Weekend event in Denver, to a 2009 Super Bowl Event in Tampa and from Canada to Sri Lanka. The video is in regular rotation on BET, the Word Network, Daystar, TBN and the Gospel Music Channel to name a few, and the single A Heart That Forgives and the second single What-Cha Know About Jesus can be heard on gospel radio across the nation.

With the manner and volume of exposure the song has received and the pressing need for healing in the world, Kevin is ready to actualize the message of A Heart That Forgives by inspiring one million recorded acts of forgiveness worldwide annually, that will culminate in a spectacular Freedom through Forgiveness Concert/Rally that will be held in Washington DC this summer, on the Fourth of July, entitled "Letting go of the past ... Living free in the present."

"I don't want to entertain people, I want to impact people. It's amazing the impact that the song has had. You can't really talk about true forgiveness without talking about Christ. We believe that our Forgiveness Campaign can help to curb gang violence, domestic abuse, racial profiling and other unfortunate behavior. With this message of forgiveness, we believe we can get people to forgive what's been done, whatever it is and inspire them to cancel all debts. And they can begin by forgiving themselves first," Kevin says.

Kevin's faith in Jesus is obvious. What is not obvious is how a young man from Northeast Washington DC, the son of a policeman and pastor, who couldn't play the piano until he was twenty, and who, although raised in the church, was an R&B singer of love songs, could possibly become the point of the spear of a movement so profound and challenging.

Kevin was not always sheltered in the bosom of the Lord. He had his rebellious youth like so many do. He was in the world and of the world before he was in the Word and of and about the Word. He has had his fair share of disappointment and heartbreak on the way up. As a teenager, Kevin was a founding member of a local DC R&B group named "Smooth and Subtle." The young trio had made a name for themselves around the DC metro area. It wasn't long before an opportunity to perform at the legendary Apollo Theater in Harlem was available. Kevin wasn't able to go. Later, the group was scheduled for a showcase that Boyz 2 Men would attend. It was cancelled.

Those are just a few of the early professional setbacks. He had his share of personal setbacks coming up in the city as well. Kevin's present artistic direction and commitment to Christ happened after he came to a crossroads as to what direction his life would take when he experienced his own "Road to Damascus Moment."

" In those days I was doing my own thing, I definitely was not living a Christian life at that time and then I just had this moment where it was me and God and I felt Him speak to me. He said ‘OK. This is your time. This is your crossroads. You can go my way or you can go whatever way. But trust me, you're not going to like what you find if you go down the other road.' "I realized then and there that the next step was so very important. I asked the Lord for help. I left the group. I stopped lying. I stopped cursing. And I used to curse like a sailor. I started serving God from that time and I haven't stopped," Kevin says.

Kevin soon found himself in the studio, writing and performing "Everything He Promised" with Dorinda Clark-Cole on her project The Rose of Gospel after winning "Best New Vocalist" at her annual Singers & Musicians Contest. He also earned an "Honorable Mention" rank in the John Lennon Songwriter Contest and scored additional credits writing/singing "Amazing God" with Stellar Award nominee Pastor William Murphy on his CD The Sound, plus singing lead solos on Grammy nominee Myrna Summers' His Mercy Endureth Forever. He was on his way.

Kevin LeVar is a sensationally gifted and anointed artist who proves yet again that music is truly the universal language, with a limitless capacity to provide healing and stimulate thought as well as entertain and educate, especially in its sacred form.

With the release of the Deluxe Edition of Kevin LeVar  & One Sound's Let's Come Together and the dual singles A Heart That Forgives and What-Cha Know About Jesus, Kevin LeVar and his heavenly choir One Sound claim their place among the very few great talents who are able to open the door for those who want a direct path to God's Mercy and Grace.

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