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Walk with Me: A Look into Khela’s Musical Journey

Oakland, CA, October 14, 2011 /Black Pearl Entertainment/- “I’m in it for the journey…” sings Khela on the recently released track Walk With Me.  Characteristically it’s insight into the story of Khela.  “I was always writing songs, but once I believed in myself, the songs became more true and more telling of who Khela is.”

The ability to capture an audience, with her engaging persona is her strength.  On a musical mission to the top, Khela’s trekking from the San Francisco Bay Area into the bowels of the Los Angeles music scene.   December 5th she is performing a set at the infamous Conga Room with comedian Mark Curry on the Foxxhole ticket.  She is a Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) first time nominee in the Best R&B/Soul Song category for her debut single, Walk with Me (Velvet Rhythm Entertainment), and a semi-finalist contestant in the BMI “Know Them Now” Unsigned Songwriter contest (July 2011). Says Larry Batiste, GRAMMY Awards Music Director, “This girl...there is something really special about her...really unique...stage presence and personality!” 

Walk With Me, produced by Lloyd Richmond of San Francisco, contains the elements of love’s passageways: looks, infatuation, and an invitation to love.  ”At the time I was IN love and all of those feelings poured out of me in a melody.”  Lloyd pushed and allowed me to dig in deep to add feeling and personality to the track.”

Fueled by her love of music, Khela hopes to be perceived by the world as a relatable artist that writes to the passions inside of her.  Want to know who she is?  Khela states “listen to my music, you will hear stories. It all lies within my music.” 

Request “Walk With Me” New York station 94.5 FM.


Management: Paula Reina

Company: Velvet Rhythm Entertainment (V.R.E.)






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