Kim Tavar

Kim Tavar

Official Biography (courtesy of Kim Tavar)

Kim Tavar is a singer/songwriter from Boston, Massachusetts. She is very sensitive, caring and conscious about life and lyrics. Kim’s silky vocals are like a quiet storm about to blanket the earth with bright skies. Her straight from the heart, no nonsense smooth delivery, reach out and grab you like a much-needed embrace. Kim is bringing back that 70’s, 80’s, 90’s sound that the world is craving. Meaningful lyrics, pretty melodies, catchy hooks and a silky tone. Pure Quality music.

Kim’s song “Isaiah” has been on several UK Soul Music Charts. Two weeks in the Top 10 and reaching as high as the number 5 spot.  Isaiah and Movin’ have been one of the top 10 most selected songs by 60+ UK DJs on the DJs choices playlist on UK rotation for several weeks and counting. 

Kim original songs are available on all music streaming outlets. 

Her album “My Story” was released on February 26, 2021 and consists of 13 track all written by Kim. It can be purchased at and

“My Story” will be available on all digital music streaming outlets on Friday, March 12, 2020

Kim is no stranger to the music business, having spent countless hours in recording studios, touring with several top 40 bands in and around New England in the 90’s and 2000’s. As a solo artist and 20-year veteran of the Boston Police Department, Kim has performed The National Anthem/God Bless America at The New England Patriots, The Boston Red Sox and The Boston Celtics games. Several performances in Washington DC as well as the US Capitol Peace Officer Memorial. Kim’s Rendition of “America the Beautiful” Caught the attention of Kelly Ripa back in April. The same video caught the attention of the great James Taylor (Who happens to be one of Kim’s all-time favorite singer songwriters along with Kenneth babyface Edmonds. It is Kim’s dream to work with Babyface.

She is truly a star on the rise!

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