KING - The Story (EP) (2011)



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At only three songs, it's not even quite an EP, but it's the best $2.98 a vibe-loving, progressive soul fan will spend this year. The LA-based KING is an almost extinct creation in R&B, an all-girl trio with an even rarer female producer in Paris Strother. On the strongest cuts, "Supernatural" and "Hey," Minneapolis born twins Paris and Amber Strother and LA native Anita Bias collectively pen luxuriously romantic lyrics and exchange airy, gossamer light vocals that float over, around, and through a sound scape of kaleidoscopic instrumentation and unconventional song structures so gorgeous that they literally feel like love. Elaborate in composition and quietly intricate in arrangement, "Supernatural" is one of this year's most magical musical moments-from its ever expanding universe of new instruments every few bars to its triumphant brass climax, this song sets a high bar for the surely forthcoming full-length KING album. 

Sonically less inviting, but no less exquisite is the more percussive, Asian inspired title track. Harmonically brilliant, the lyrics subtly offer an inspiring manifesto for those strange aliens living in the now, following their instincts and pursuing their dreams.  If music this good is where KING has been led so far, one can only hope they'll never stray from this path paved in creative gold.

Notable Tracks: Supernatural, Hey

Vocals: 4.0
Lyrics: 3.5
Music: 3.5
Production: 4.0
SoulTracks call: Highly Recommended

By L. Michael Gipson



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