Kloud 9

Kloud 9

    Official Biography (courtesy of Kloud 9) 

    Since 2002 twin brothers Kendall and Kelvis Duffie have worked to secure a reputation for making great quality soul music that stands the test of time. They continue their mission to satisfy their fans with their latest offering entitled "Enjoy The Ride".

    Kloud 9 is set to release their 3rd project for Expansion Records, which will hit the stores in the summer of 2008 and is packed with 12 brand new soul gems that reflect a growth both musically and personally.

    For those who have followed the duo since their "On Kloud 9" debut in 2002 you'll be delighted to hear the consistency of quality is still there. For those who are less familiar with the brothers prepare to be introduced to a new level of excellence in R&B/Soul.

    The lead single from the new project is a hot little dancer entitled "Step" which will light up the dance floors with its 70's infused groove and soulful vocals.

    This song is an anthem to the ever-growing steppers movement and touches on the problems of this world that we hear about everyday in the news and how it's more than enough to make you just wanna step away and clear your head. The song suggests that we should step and dance all night long instead of being burdened by the issues of this world.

    The UK soul fraternity should be gawking for more after hearing the ever so mellow "Appreciation". Drenched in class and sophistication, this song takes you right down that vintage Isley Brothers road with lyrics that reflect and recognize the simple but meaningful things women do everyday that deserve some appreciation.

    The guys show off some smooth harmonies on the jazzy "All That Matters". A classy soulful dancer complete with full band and a gorgeous sax bed laid by Donald Hayes (Stevie Wonder, The Whispers, Chaka Khan).

    "I'm Calling You" is a quiet stormer that should go down well with the smoochers. Warm chunky keyboards, a melodic old school moog bass and an oh-so-soulful guitar track compliments of Tom Hemby (Brian McKnight, Stephanie Mills, Bebe and CeCe Winans)

    Other stand out tracks are "Everything That I Need", easily the most commercial song on the record and will bring in the mainstream R&B crowd and garner airplay on commercial urban radio stations.

    "To Have Your Love" grabs you with the hook and soulful vocals, and hints at that 80's Michael Jackson/Quincy Jones sound. Another track the R&B crowd will seek out.

    The retro funky dancer "Loves Just Better With You" with lush harmonies and soulful vocals is screaming for a remix and will keep you dancing all night.

    The title track "Enjoy The Ride" gets right back on track with more of that quality soul the guys are known for. Another live band cut with a sultry flute solo by Althea Rene.

    This album is certain to further establish the twins in the ever-growing soul movement and if they never win another award, never sell a million records or never tour the world over again, one thing is certain and that is that they're content with what they've achieved with this new album and they truly plan to just sit back and "Enjoy The Ride"