Kristopher Lamont

Kristopher Lamont

Official Biography (courtesy of Kristopher Lamont)

There are some whose talents need to be cultivated, and then there are those whose talents are innate. Music is quite an elaborate scale in itself. The art of being able to follow the highs and lows and tempos and pitches can be somewhat of a challenge.  However, for Kristopher Lamont, these challenges are nothing but a stepping-stone.  Each action, taking him closer and closer to his goal at hand - to create and perform his music, music set to garner your attention and take over your soul.

Kristopher Lamont was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, a city known for its hard edge and uncompromising way of life.  The change in surroundings from the projects, to an area where frequent break-ins occurred, to the ever-popular West Six Mile Road were in the cards. And like every other move, it was taken in stride as he continued down his set path.  Kristopher did not have to go far to interject music into his life. His first musical influence is someone very dear and close to his heart - his mother. She not only sang around the house, but was in a singing group for a time as well.  The other musical influences in the family run deep, "My Nana played in an all-female band called The International Sweethearts of Rhythm. She played in the band during the 1940s and my Papa was very close friends with Mercer Ellington - Duke Ellington's son.  My Papa and Mercer would travel with Duke at times during their summer breaks from school. I got a chance to meet Mercer when I was ten years old.  I was also able to meet the great Betty Carter that night. I was on a musical high and looking back I'm glad it meant so much to me."

While at a young age, Kristopher was always exposed to different forms of creativity, whether it was performing in plays, singing with the Glee Club, writing poems and short stories or playing the drums in a band.  His mother, always being the primary musical influence in his life, gave Kristopher the upper hand in attending shows, unlike his fellow younger counterparts.  "If I could name you a concert that I remember from a young age, then it would be the Patti LaBelle concert I attended with my Mom.  I believe I was around 12.  That show was inspiring!  From then on, Patti became my barometer of whether or not I thought someone else's concert was good.  She delivered so much energy!"  Was it the concert experiences that added fuel to the fire that was simmering in the depths of his soul?  Or perhaps, was it the singer/songwriter in him slowly emerging? Whichever it was, it surely was no surprise Kristopher's talent and gumption landed him an opportunity with Rachelle Ferrell he just could not pass over.

While attending a jazz show in 2008 in Detroit , Kristopher was asked on stage by the prodigious artist. " I was in shock.  At home before the show, I honestly hoped I would be magically asked to come up on stage, but this was really happening.  I made my way to the stage along with a woman from the audience. We sang the hook from "Welcome To My Love."  After the occasion, Kristopher took the matter into his own hands for an unforgettable show-stopping moment.  "I figured it was my chance to sing with one of my greatest vocal inspirations.  I went for it!  I went up to Rachelle with the mic and sang to her.  I let her know she was everything I aspired to be vocally and that I practiced to her everyday. I sang to her, then I ad-libbed some more and the crowd went wild! Rachelle gave me the biggest hug and was full of nothing but praise for me. She told me I ‘have a gift that [I] have to protect and share with the world.' She encouraged me while I was on the stage and after I got off the stage.  I will never forget that experience."

That performance was a catalyst to where we find Kristopher Lamont now. From truck driver to aspiring singer, the transition was a life altering one, nonetheless nothing was standing in Kristopher's way to achieving his dream. "I've always sung and have been musically inclined from as far back as I can remember.  But I guess it wasn't meant for me to be in music as a young person.  I stepped out on faith by pursuing my music full-time.  There are things from my driving career that I'm sure I will be able to translate over into my music career."   With an arduous work ethic, perseverance and passion Kristopher is sure to catapult to another stratosphere.

 "Change" is Kristopher's first track as an independent artist and was recorded with Maurice "Moe" Whitsett.  Presently, work is being put in with Keith "Bubby" Webb on Kristopher's debut album looking to be released in the winter.  His voice is buttery, velvety and quite polished and there is already a buzz about town for this upcoming act from Detroit . "I want to touch people with my voice.  I came to bring love to all through my music.  Even when I'm singing about things that might not make one smile, it's to say, - hey, I've been through that too and I hope this song gets you through."  Still continuing along the same path that brought him here, knowing it will take him further along to an intersection he has foreseen in his dreams, Kristopher Lamont's name will arise; he will be a singer and songwriter you will come to hear about.  It has only just begun.

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