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Say the word Motown and you think of great music and undeniable, unforgettable voices.  Anita Baker, Martha Reeves and The Vandells, The Four Tops, and The Marvelettes are just a few of legendary voices that will live forever in history and in our hearts. 

In 2006 a new artist, L'Renee, arrived and revived the spirit of Motown, embodying the legacy of real music with a voice that is a perfect blend of R&B, Jazz, Soul and Alternative. 

Growing up in Detroit, in a musical household no less leaves no surprise that L'Renee developed a passion for music.  As a child she'd listen to her father's band practice until her mother would tell her to go to bed.  But her father always encouraged her to stay and listen.  At the age of 6 she learned how to engage an audience during an elementary production of "The Wiz".  "It's funny because I don't even remember being nervous," said L'Renee.  "I just went out there and sang my heart out with lots of animation."

Over the years she continued to polish her incredible voice, vibrant performance style and developed as a writer as one of the original members of the group "A Chord" while attending Renaissance High School.  She continued her music education at Kentucky State University where she joined the choir, performed in talent shows and opened for artists such as Destiny's Child, 112, Jagged Edge, and The Clipse.  L'Renee has also performed along side Stephanie Mills, Tremaine Hawkins, Eric Roberson, Jaquar Wright, Dwele,Conya Doss, Alison Crockett, Tony Ozier, Monica Blaire, Necco Redd, DJ Genesis, Penny Wells, Frank McComb, Gordon Chambers, Peter Hadar, Russell Taylor, Maya Azucensa, Yolanda Johnson, Slum Village and DJ Des, Nick Speed, Naughty by Nature, and Musiq Soul Child.

After sharing the stage with a bevy of big name acts L'Renee emerged as an artist of true star caliber and takes center stage. Her amply self-titled debut album "Special Song" (her real name is Lori=Special, Renee=Song) introduced her phenomenal voice to the world, wowed fans.  Hit makers including Rick Morrision , Saku Floyd, Renaissance Man and Q assisted with writing and producing the 15 track album that helped make L'Renee a household name.

Barely taking a moment to breathe after the release of her first album, L'Renee headed back into the studio with Renaissance Man, Tony Ozier, Mr. Wright, Jazz and SickNotes to compile 16 more tracks for her sophomore album, "2nd Chances". 

The album, released in April of 2007, showcased a more vocally aggressive side of L'Renee while delivering the same emotional lyrics that won fans over the first time around.  Her first single off the album is the sultry ballot "Let's Do Whatever" detailing the intimate relationship of lovers. The second single, "I Love My Life" is a personal track where L'Renee describes being able to look past trials to find joy in life and her passion to share her music with the world.  That passion and unequivocal love for music that is evident when you see her perform or hear her sing can clearly be seen in her first video to accompany the song. Her style is growing among fans as she has been in featured in "Vibe" Maganize (December 2007), "Urban Mainstreem" Vol 36 (November 2007),on BlackPlanet.com, Soulisms and the list continues to grow.

"I love music because it sets me free.  When I listen to it or perform it I feel like I am my perfect loveable and authentic self.  I also love singing because I can create a mood in myself or others simply by notes flowing through my veins", says L'Renee.  "It amazes me how a song can make a person happy or sad just by the feeling of the music and the delivery of a piece of music by a vocalist."

Pure zeal is exhibited in every soulful word L'Renee sings. Through her lyrics and soul-stirring, energetic delivery, she creates a true euphoric experience filled with the pain of losing, highs of discovering a new love and every emotion in between.  Experience her for yourself

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