Official Biography (courtesy of Laurnea) 

Laurnea made her debut in the R&B industry in 1997 with the release of her album 'Betta Listen.' The album featured production by Omar, Raphael Saadiq, and Speech. However, Laurnea was not content with working with Sony and in 2000, left to form her own label, Era Souond 1 Records.

On her own label, Laurnea released several albums. In 2000, Laurnea released Laurnea 2 in Japan, South East Asia and Australia. Despite being released only overseas, the album featured well-known producers like Jon B, Craig Love and Dwayne Wiggins. Following up this release, Laurnea released New Territory in 2002. Again, the album was released exclusively overseas.

2004 saw another release from Laurnea as she released I Remember in Japan with production by India Arie and Billy Odum. Finally, in 2005, Laurnea returned to the United States with the album The Collection which was actually a compilation of four songs from each of her past four cds. Laurnea has been working with India Arie on her last 3 CDs and writing for film and T.V. Also working on American Idol and working with Rachell Farrell. Laurnea is now is completing her 6th CD, to be called Butterfly the Flying Flower.

In addition to releasing these albums, Laurnea has scored roles in the Spike Lee films School Daze, Hoodlum, My Past is My Own (with Whoopie Goldberg) and more.

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